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Neck Pain?

We are spiritual beings, not just physical entities.  We receive energy from the heavens and the earth.  We have special energy vortexes throughout our bodies.  One of these energy points is in the neck called the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is associated with speech and ability to communicate.  If we don’t feel that we are […]

Process for Individualization

 Analysis for Individualization: The process of finding the correct remedy through repertorization in homeopathy and the resulting analysis of personality is the same method we use to locate a person in a crowd. Just as we can find a person in a crowd we can use the same method to find the rubrics for a […]

Gratitude and Joy!

The universe and humanity is cyclical and interconnected. Where there is an action there is a reaction.  Gratitude is fundamental to joy. The greater the gratitude the more abundant the joy. Change the collective consciousness of humanity by increasing personal gratitude and thereby bringing more joy and abundance into the world.  This is our world […]

Understanding Subconscious Mind

The Physician’s Highest Goal Treating a patient in the most efficient manner has been the goal of the medical profession since man first fell sick. To achieve that the important aspect of treatment that is recognized by physicians is diagnosis or understanding what is wrong with the patient. Dr Samuel Hahnemann, who I believe was […]

Hello Humanity!

Welcome to Homeopathy for Humanity’s Website! Excitement is in the air. Here we are blogging and keeping everyone informed!  We just started our Facebook Page where we share fun treats all the time and now have 212 people following.  Thanks for the love everyone!  We have many interesting activities planed, God willing, during January and […]