“TORAN” an analogy for Homeopathic Totality

A “Toran” is a string on which leaves and flowesr are attached which is commonly seen on each Indian door entrance.  This is a picture of a “Toran” . It is a string on which leaves and flower are attached and then tied to each end of a door entrance. Whatever is the reason but we will use this analogy to show an IMPORTANT SMALL SMALL thing in HOMOEOPATHY.

One should understand things simply and observe, what it is.. What you see in it?
What you observe is most simple. You see one long string connecting two ends with leaves in between, right? And this is important. Observation.

Which mean means we need to see the symptoms and not a possible diagnosis! To collect all the symptoms (without diagnosis) to find the remedy because of the symptoms (not because of a diagnosis).

In the “Toran” “String and leaves symbolize totality in whole case” .. So what and where you need to focus in each and every case to bring down whole totality. There many small and major symptoms and signs in case…which is the most important? What is the ”KEY” that opens the lock, which is the “KEY” out of all the signs and symptoms in the complete totality in a person? There lot of symptom in case which represent derange vital force.. Many are small and big as well… From this there only one ”KEY” which is ‘BEING’ in whole case

Symptomatology is a very large topic to be understood. Small or big, acute or chronic, physical or mental. All symptoms in whole totality are very IMPORTANT. Now here we must have knowledge of each part of personality, all the mental symptoms being of highest value, you must know where is to be HIT so that with minimum shot you get wide range of improvement in the case,”Toran”helps explain the CONCEPT to understand totality in each personality. This “Toran” represents whole totality in a case. Each part of this “Toran” present different symptoms in a given case,out of what you see here in this totality of symptoms, what will you HIT to BRING down whole case? If you only hit one leaf that leaf will fall out of the string and if you hit another group of leaves that group will also fall and the patient will get some relief but not permanent relief (partial simillium). Therefore you need to HIT that situation which the “continuous thread” the “BEING” in the whole case, which is continuous from start to end in the whole case. The life of the patient. This “BEING” is the condition or situation which has started and is continuous since the beginning and will be continuous in future…..