Dr. Akshay Shetty’s Pledge

Our member Akshay Shetty has written a beautiful Pledge.
Let us all join him in this correct Ideals!
Let us Pledge!Let us Pledge that we will make use of all the Rights empowered to us for good use and constructive purpose
Let us use our energies to uplift the society rather than destroying it
Let us make use of Speech to spread message of wisdom rather than hatred and abuse
Let us judge ourselves before we pass a judgement of others
Let us not flow in emotions and pledge to use our common sense
Let us not think narrow and be open to everything around us
Let us not have arrogance and learn true compassion
Let us Pledge we will help those in times of real need even if we are not part of their joy
Let us Pledge that when peace is getting laid ,arrogance should have no place there ,arrogance when peace is getting established is much more worse than arrogance in war..
Let us Pledge to be good humans and follow Humanity, before we be something else.

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