Process for Individualization

crowd Analysis for Individualization:

The process of finding the correct remedy through repertorization in homeopathy and the resulting analysis of personality is the same method we use to locate a person in a crowd. Just as we can find a person in a crowd we can use the same method to find the rubrics for a case.


We want to find a certain person with the name “Peter” when we enter a hall containing 100 people. Now the first fact we know is the “one” we are searching for is “male” named “Peter” therefore the female population out of the 100 people in hall is automatically excluded.

So now out of 100 general populations in hall there are 30 females which have been excluded and your search will be limited to the remaining 70 males in the hall. When you go and find “Peter” you see there are 25 males with name “Peter”. Now you will be requiring more information to find the right person named “Peter”. And you will get more information knowing that your “Peter” is wearing blue jeans, and when you go  searching you find  25 males names “Peter” out of which 10 are wear blue jeans….. now your search again will be limited to only 10 males named “Peter” and all those wearing blue jeans.

Now all the females and other males who are not Peter or Peter who is not wearing blue jeans will fall out of your search.

Further you need more information, and you get that Male named Peter with Blue Jeans and White T-shirt and when you go and find out all those 10 males named”Peter” who were wearing blue jeans there are only two who are wearing a white T-shirt so other 8 will fall out of search and now you have only 2 “Peters” for final analysis. Now we discover that the “Peter” we are looking for has a beard and he he is! We foend “Peter”!
Here is the information we used to find “Peter”:

1.      Peter

2.      Male

3.      Wearing Blue Jeans

4.      Wearing White T- Shirt

5.      Has a Beard

The person you were searching for has all those above characteristics.

It is the same when we find right remedy in our repertorization. The top ranking remedy should cover all the rubrics which you are using in your case.

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