Psychological Evolution Understanding Person

Psychological Evolution Understanding Person to it’s Extend:
FIRST OF ALL need to understand “WHY” he is taking Emotional stress, Grief, why he is secreative, why reserved etc … everything depends on the concepts.. “Standards, Rules, and Goal” and “Success and Failures”.. and How much is his understanding and knowledge., death ..of whom will affect? of those who seems he believe are closed one, not only death of every blood relations will make him sick , to who he will believe the “closed ones” ?

Sometime one will not affect byt death of father but might affect due to death of his dog, for him dog is more close then father

When we talk about Standards, Rules & Goals (SRGs) … its NOT just the rules of society or culture or world …. it is RULES set by him to himself… sometime this might be against the rules of society or culture

STANDARDs are more of HIS ways ..and GOALS are also what he have for HIMSELF, PERSON is more adhere to “SELF “… nothing more secure then OWN SELF, NOTHING is MORE Comfortable then “SELF”
Slowly he straighten his leg and room space find comfort .. and adhere and feel secure and comfortable and that those he feel more secure or comfort becomes his “CLOSED ONE” wqhatever it is it could be .. the situition, or person or things etc

Sensitivity develop from gradually “HAMMERING” and simultaneously decreasing his own Tolerance ‘
then soon he will be on the line “Thereshold ” beyond this nothing is “TOLERATE” whatever it is Mental, emotional or physical

After that he will slowly starts becoming IMPATIENT, ANXIOUS ..HELPLESS FEELING .. INSECURITY etc etc lot more


It’s not that easy when we talk about other according own understanding, that’s how people are closed or reserve or introvert or extroverts .. or introspective according to their own situations, self evaluation .. self inspection what is wrong with.

In Hindi we call “ATMAPARIKSHAN”
Self composure – inner peace

What is “STRESS” on any level mental, emotional or physical level??

Stress or Tension are nothing but “RIGIDITY” among the “degree of FREEDOM”.. on any level mental, emotional or physical level. Prolonged stress or tension is a main causation in disease.

Restricting the “FLEXIBILITY” on every level .. on mental and emotional its called strress or tension and on physical level it form Physical diseased

And most important is we should NOT forget everything will be initiated “in-situ ” (Immaterial level) then on physical (material) level and very first on material level it will disturb the cellular harmony ..Then outside cell and then tissue is affected resulting impairment in functions
Hahanemann said .. Homeopath should have knowledge of disease and it casues .. where do u think these causes are ?

He labeled the basic inherent cause ..and the latent psora ..person might get in condition one of the 3 maisms as according to his own ways of lifestyle, thinking thoughts and surrounding etc .. can get with psora or sycosis or either syphilis and accordingly will be his mentality and emotional state and physical ailments by exciting and maintaining causes.

Remembered exciting an maintaining causes .. not just Pollution in air or unhygenic lifestyle .. it can be in Inter-Personal Relationships , etc beliefs

Anything which is “TOXIC” is huge problem
ppl give unknowingly “TOXIC” vibrations .. and others affected and these Toxic vibration are taken as “Toxic” according to individuality

That expression of individuality is how we find the similium

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