The are several places in Hahnemann’s writings which refer to the gradual increase of the size of the dose by increasing the number of teaspoons of the solution being given.

The size of the dose is one major aspect of adjusting the dose.  Those who think that it makes no difference whether one gives 1 or 1000 pills may be surprised.

Minimum dose is not “minimum potency” – it is:

  • Size of dilution
  • Number of drops
  • Number of pellets
  • Amount of water added
  • Size of sip

Hahnamann explains that the smallest amount is all that is needed to produce the needed reaction and if it is wrong will produce few if any medicinal symptoms.  The dose can not be too small.  It will act.  A small dose is safe.

The symptoms must be carefully selected and the most similar remedy given.

“Although all Homoeopaths agree that the right selection of the remedy is more important than the degree of dynamization and the size of the dose, yet we can not regard the latter as a matter of indifference.

We can neglect this factor all the less, since very many attentive observers beside Hahnemann have noted that while by the so-called attenuations the strength of the effect is indeed moderated, yet the sphere of its action is immensely increased,and if our deceased Master was right in his statement, that too large doses, especially of high attenuations, frequently prove ineffective, because they cause many other virtues of the medicine to become effective, diminish or nullify the simile in that special case.”